Triskele Books - "I believe it’s possible to empathise with someone who is different from yourself. Assuming the opposite dehumanises everyone who isn’t exactly like you, because you relegate them to a place outside of human connection."

SwissInfo - "We need to have more nuanced and intelligent conversations about migration in general."


Glasgow Review of Books - "The fear that people experience has been ignited by the storytelling in the press – a lot of the fears about immigration have nothing to do with immigrants. We are going through austerity but it wasn’t the Pakistanis who took away the bus service to your village. It wasn’t the Polish people who shut down your library, it wasn’t Syrians who closed down the local factory and moved it east to make a bigger profit … These concerns are genuine, but the focus is shifted on the immigrants to blame them."

Choke Chain Interview

Writing Tips with the Scottish Book Trust

No-Name Brand Podcast -  with Sashka Hanna-Rappl at BrandSashka

STORGY Interview - "‘Expat’ is a word wealthy white people use to distance themselves from other immigrants. In fact, expats are economic migrants."

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